The Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test is still undergoing clinical validation

Unfortunately, the validation of the Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test is not progressing as quickly as anticipated. The number of European samples we have received is too limited to validate the Nanotrap LA test. This means that Innatoss is not yet ready to provide the test results to the patients. Together with Ceres Nanosciences and clinical partners, we will remain working on the validation. Read more

Innatoss only Dutch participant in quality research

In order to research the quality of our work, Innatoss participates in the so-called proficiency tests. At the end of September, we have tested three samples that were send by EUROIMMUN to 159 laboratories worldwide. Innatoss was the only Dutch participant of these 159 labs. On the samples, we have performed all six tests of our Lyme Complete test, and the results of these tests were submitted to EUROIMMUN. Read more


Ceres Nanosciences and Innatoss Laboratories to Launch the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test in the European Union

The Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test, a direct urine test for the presence of a Lyme bacteria protein, will be made available to patients throughout Europe.

MANASSAS, Va. —August 15th, 2017 — Ceres Nanosciences, Inc. (Ceres) and Innatoss Laboratories (Innatoss) announced today a partnership that will deliver the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test out of Innatoss’ clinical testing laboratories in the Netherlands for patient benefit throughout the European Union. The Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test is the first highly-sensitive, urine-based test capable of directly detecting a Lyme protein antigen in a patient at any stage of infection. In 2015, Ceres launched the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test for patients across the United States, after publishing the results of a 268-patient clinical study led by George Mason University in collaboration with leaders from the infectious disease community. To learn more about the Nanotrap® Lyme Antigen Test in the United States, visit

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