The Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test is still undergoing clinical validation

Unfortunately, the validation of the Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test is not progressing as quickly as anticipated. The number of European samples we have received is too limited to validate the Nanotrap LA test. This means that Innatoss is not yet ready to provide the test results to the patients. Together with Ceres Nanosciences and clinical partners, we will remain working on the validation.

Regrettably, we cannot offer you this promising test yet. We will continue to work on the validation. We will keep you informed on our progress with validation of the Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test. For this, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website.

Would you, as clinician, like to help with the validation?

If you are a clinician and would like to assist by providing samples, please contact us via