Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

At Innatoss, you can pay with IDEAL, credit card or via money transfer. When you choose for this last option, you will receive an e-mail with the information you need to transfer the money to us.

When you order a test at Innatoss, you will receive a package which includes everything you will need. In this package, you will also find shipping material with which you can send the package back to us.

After ordering the test, you will receive the package in a couple of days. Next, you will get your blood drawn, which you then will send to us with the shipping material you have received. After we have gotten your blood sample, it takes about 14 days before you will receive the results.

No, you don’t have to go to Oss to get your blood taken. In the package you will receive, you will find shipping material with which you can send the blood sample back to us.

Yes, you don’t have to fast before getting your blood taken.

You can find the nearest location by searching on Google using the terms “blood drawn [your residence]”. When you are unable to find a location, you can also ask your general practitioner where you can get your blood drawn.

We confirm the arrival of the samples within 24 hours after arrival. You will either receive a text message from us or we will send you an email.

You will receive the results in about 2 weeks after Innatoss has received your samples. These test results will be send to you as a PDF attachment via the e-mail.

The result will be mailed to you as a secured PDF document. In case of an ordering physician, the physician will (also) receive the results.   

A positive test result doesn’t immediately indicate that you have Lyme disease or Q fever. The interpretation of the result is very important. When Innatoss thinks it is wise to see a physician, this will be indicated in the results. Only a physician can make the diagnosis ‘Lyme disease’ or ‘Q fever’ on the basis of the complete picture consisting of the symptoms, the patient’s medical history, and the test results.

Innatoss uses acknowledged and validated tests, and works according to ISO 15189. Because of this, the physician can use Innatoss’ test result as support for making a diagnosis.


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